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Bike Accidents

New York and Connecticut Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Over 20 bicyclists were killed by cars or trucks in New York City in 2016 alone.

This number of deaths represents an increase of riders killed despite the Vision Zero Policy initiated by Mayor DiBlasio designed to protect bike riders. The Vision Zero Policy led to a re-design of certain intersections known to be historically hazardous to bicyclists and much more stringent penalties for those drivers cited for disregarding or disobeying traffic laws resulting in injuries or deaths to bike riders.

Our Manhattan bike accident lawyers are aggressive in protecting New York City’s populace bike riding community as well as the burgeoning bicycle riding populations of large Westchester and Connecticut towns and cities such as White Plains, New Rochelle, Tarrytown, Yonkers, Rye, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, West Harrison, Port Chester, Scarsdale and the Connecticut jurisdictions of Stamford, Greenwich, New Haven, Meriden, Norwalk, Danbury and Bridgeport.

Over 25% of the accidents involving bike riders being hit or struck by cars or trucks in New York resulted in death or serious physical injury.

The most serious injuries the bike riders resulted from a failure of the riders to wear their helmets.

Studies have shown that serious physical injury could be prevented up to 50% of the time merely by riders wearing their helmet.

The Zero Vision Law and its progeny require New York City drivers to exercise “Due Care” to avoid accidents with bikers.

Accordingly, the Zero Vision Law is designed to protect riders from accidents involving cars or trucks. When our bicycle riding clients are injured by a car, the first question we normally hear asked is, who is going to pay the medical bills for injuries which are normally quite serious.

The answer is complicated.

If the bicyclist is simply riding recreationally, our Manhattan, Stamford and White Plains bicycle accident lawyers will typically go through the necessary steps to have the offending car driver’s insurance policy pay for all up-front medical bills to the bicyclist, separate and apart from any subsequent substantial claim for pain and suffering or lost earnings suffered by the bicyclist.

However, if the bicyclist is working at the time he is injured - such as food service delivery men or pizza drivers - our New York State Worker’s Compensation Lawyers will see to it that the bicyclist’s medical expenses are paid through New York State Workers Compensation laws by their employer.

Finally, in the case of a hit and run accident, the New York personal injury lawyers in our offices will attempt to get the bike rider’s own car insurance policy to pay for their medical expenses, or the car insurance policy of a close family member who lives with them at the time.

As set forth above - bike accidents usually result in much more serious injuries than car accidents. Our Manhattan, Stamford and Larchmont bike accident lawyers will see to it that the rider is fully compensated for the substantial pain and suffering they may suffer arising out of the accident.