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Falling Objects in Stores

Stores like CVS, Walmart, Costco and Duane Reade can pose significant, unexpected dangers for shoppers. The shelves are often stacked with the intent of maximizing space or storage and with little regard for the consumers shopping below.

Our falling object lawyers in White Plains, Stamford and Manhattan know that injuries due to objects falling in department stores are frequently attributable to several common causes, which include:

  1. Inexperienced employees
  2. Improper training
  3. Negligently stacked boxes
  4. Failure to post sufficient warning signs
  5. Overly wide or heavy boxes
  6. Lack of supervision of improperly trained employees.
  7. Objects which are stacked too highly

All of the above factors increase the likelihood of objects falling (and thereby causing injuries) in large department stores. Immediately after consulting with you, our White Plains and Stamford falling object attorneys will begin an immediate and thorough investigation of the accident which will include:

  1. Obtaining a safety manual from the store (which may show which of the store's own regulations were violated)
  2. Obtaining Video footage (if it exists)
  3. interviewing store employees and customers
  4. Obtaining a copy of the accident report

Accordingly, if you or someone you know has been injured due to a falling object in a store. don't delay. Call our White Plains falling object attorneys immediately. The consultation is free and our attorneys are available 24/7 to assist you.