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Ladder Fall

New York and Connecticut Ladder Fall Lawyers

One of the most common causes of personal injury at a construction site involves a construction worker’s fall from a ladder.

Our Connecticut and New York ladder accident attorneys have over 25 years experience in construction accident related cases like these.

Our Manhattan and White Plains ladder accident lawyers have represented clients in virtually every type of ladder accident case imaginable, including:

  1. Broken Ladders
  2. Ladder Slips
  3. Improper Placement of Ladders
  4. Slippery Ground Underneath Ladders
  5. Missing Footings or Wrungs of Ladders
  6. Bent Ladders
  7. Falling Debris Above a Ladder

Fortunately, a construction worker injured in a ladder accident in New York or Westchester County has powerful rights at his disposal. New York State Labor Law § 240 provides, in substance, that if a construction worker falls from a ladder, due to improper safety devices, and the injury was preventable, then the owner, contractor and/or subcontractor are strictly liable for all of the construction worker’s injuries.

The above New York State Labor Law provision, Section 240, means essentially that if a contractor, owner or subcontractor is negligent, in any way whatsoever, with respect to the condition of a ladder used at a construction site - and the worker’s injuries could have been prevented - then the owner, contractor or subcontractor is 100% liable for the injuries regardless of whether the injured worker himself were partially responsible for the accident.

In addition to whatever lawsuit our Connecticut or New York ladder accident lawyers may feel is appropriate to pursue on you behalf, our New York Worker’s Compensation attorneys will also work closely with you to file a separate claim for Workers Compensation benefits against your employer.

Our New York Worker’s Compensation attorneys will work with the injured construction worker to obtain immediate payment of both his medical bills (which can frequently be enormous following a ladder fall) as well as any lost salary arising out of the ladder accident.

Once our Manhattan, White Plains or Stamford ladder accident lawyers are called, we will begin an immediate investigation into the cause of the ladder accident.

Our New York, White Plains and Larchmont ladder accident lawyers will begin their investigation into the cause of the fall by demanding records from the construction manager at the project, including prior accident reports, by ensuring that the ladder from which the fall occurred is preserved as evidence and not tampered with, and by interviewing key witnesses to the ladder accident before their employers have had the chance to interview them and potentially influence their testimony.

Oftentimes construction accident victims in personal injury cases are not legally documented to be in the United States. Nonetheless, you are entitled to recover for the injuries you have suffered in a ladder fall in Connecticut and New York State regardless of your immigration status. Accordingly, our Manhattan, Stamford and White Plains ladder accident lawyers will see to it that you obtain the proper settlement you deserve, irrespective of your immigration status.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a ladder fall or an accident caused by a defective ladder, contact our New York and Connecticut ladder accident attorneys as soon as possible.

You have nothing to lose. The consultation is free and our Manhattan and White Plains accident lawyers are available to meet with you 24-7 to discuss your rights.