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Lead Paint

Lead paint poses a serious problem to everyone and, in particular, young children living in communities where numerous older buildings still exist.

Our Westchester and New York lead paint poisoning lawyers have litigated numerous lead paint cases throughout the years in jurisdictions like Pleasantville, Ossining, Rye, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, Tarrytown, Elmsford, Yonkers, Peekskill, Larchmont, Harrison and New York Boroughs like Queens, Bronx and Rockland, as well as Connecticut jurisdictions like Fairfield, Trumbull, Greenwich, Westport, Danbury and New Haven.

Although the use of lead based paint has been illegal for almost 40 years, lead based paint still exists in older homes.

Our Manhattan and Westchester County lead paint poisoning attorneys tell our clients to be wary of older homes, because the paint may begin to peel or chip, exposing older layers of lead based paint.

Young children are particularly vulnerable because they typically put things in their mouth for sensory perception.

Moreover, the Blood Brain Barrier of a young child is much less developed than it is in adults.

Our Westchester, New York and Connecticut lead based paint lawyers know that it’s significantly easier for lead to be absorbed into the brain when ingested by young children because a child’s brain is still developing.

Lead paint exposure can lead to developmental disabilities in children.

Some of the results of lead paint poisoning include:

  1. Behavioral Problems; and
  2. Decreased IQ; and
  3. Difficulty Concentrating; and
  4. Poor Grades; and
  5. Stunted Growth; and
  6. Hearing Impairment.

In addition to eating lead, lead paint poisoning can also arise out of merely breathing in lead dust.

Similar to natural gas, lead is odorless, tasteless and undetectable to the human eye.

In addition to lead paint poisining arising out of older interior house paint, lead paint poisoning can also arise out of a child’s contact with older toys painted prior to 1976.

Lead paint poisoning can be easily diagnosed through a blood test.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) reports that any lead in the blood is potentially toxic. Studies have shown that levels as little as five micrograms per decimeter in the blood can lead to significant health problems in small children.

Accordingly, if you have any reason to believe someone you know has been a victim of lead based paint poisoning, please call our White Plains lead paint poisoning attorneys.

The consultation is absolutely free and our New York and Westchester lead paint poisoning attorneys are available for a free consultation 24/7.