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Police Brutality

Our White Plains police brutality lawyers have over 20 years experience obtaining justice for our clients who have been the victims of police assault and brutality.

Our police brutality lawyers in Stamford. White Plains and Manhattan know that while the police have the right to use some limited force to make an arrest, excessive force by the police is always illegal and should never be tolerated.

Our police brutality lawyers in White Plains, Stamford and New York have experience in representing clients in all different types of police brutality cases, including:

  1. False imprisonment
  2. Illegal arrests
  3. Taser injuries
  4. Police harassment
  5. Handcuff injuries
  6. Police coercion

Moreover, our police brutality lawyers in Stamford and White Plains know that not all police misconduct involves an assault or battery. Sometimes the police can cause injury merely by coercion or improper tactics. For example, our White Plains police brutality lawyers have represented clients who have been forced to work as confidential informants against their will, or other clients who have been injured in accidents arising out of improper high-speed police chases.

The police in New York and Connecticut have a qualified immunity for their actions. However, that immunity generally only protects them in instances in which the police must act instinctually and in heat of the moment. Moreover, that immunity will not shield the police if the arrest is unlawful.

The first thing our personal injury lawyers in White Plains will do after consulting with you about your case will be to obtain copies of relevant police reports related to your arrest, and to obtain copies of any body camera or police car videos of the arrest. As often seen on TV, these cameras often provide damning evidence of violations by the police.

Accordingly, if you or someone you know has been the victim of a police assault or brutality, don't wait. Contact our White Plains and Stamford personal injury lawyers immediately. The consultation is free and our attorneys are standing by 24/7 to assist you.