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Snow and Ice Accident

Under New York State law, landlords are responsible for removing snow and ice accumulation from their property.

Landlords must keep all entrances to their buildings as well as the sidewalks next to their buildings free of an excess buildup of snow and ice.

While the law in Connecticut does not require landlords and building owners to insure that the walkways leading to their buildings and the vestibules inside the buildings are completely free of all snow and ice, it requires that the maintain the premises and the walkways leading to the buildings in a “reasonably safe condition.”

Our White Plains snow and ice attorneys are aware that in order to be held responsible, the building owner must be proven to have had advance notice of the snow and ice buildup.

Moreover, our Westchester County ice and snow accident lawyers will explain to the client that a landlord generally cannot be held responsible if the slip and fall accident occurs while the snow or rain is still falling, or within a reasonable time thereafter.

Moreover, our Westchester and Connecticut snow and ice attorneys will explain that, if the accident occurs on public property, it must be shown that the City had prior written notice of the condition.

As is true in other cases against the City, a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days of the accident or the case may be dismissed.

Our Manhattan and White Plains snow and ice accident lawyers have successfully litigated numerous snow and ice l cases in the past.

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