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Wrongful Death

New York and Connecticut Wrongful Death Lawyers

The death of a family member or a loved one is a tragic and life altering event.

Accidents which result in a death of a family member cause a ripple effect resulting in grief and devastation to everyone in the family or associated with the family.

Our Manhattan, Stamford and White Plains wrongful death lawyers recognize the devastating consequences arising out of the result of a close family member and the importance it has to you and your family both now and for the rest of your life.

Accordingly, our Manhattan, White Plains and Stamford wrongful death lawyers will work closely with you to insure that you obtain the just compensation you deserve.

The intent of the New York State Wrongful Death Laws are to compensate close family members for the losses they have experienced from losing their parents, husband or wife, or their children.

The losses experienced may include that person’s lost salary from their job, severe mental anguish and/or grief caused by the loss of the family member and/or loss of companionship or consortium.

Our Manhattan, Stamford and White Plains personal injury attorneys will advise you that acting quickly is imperative in a wrongful death case.

Acting quickly is important because the time limit for bringing a wrongful death action, whether in both New York and Connecticut, is much shorter than for bringing a personal injury lawsuit in those jurisdictions, even though the loss is much more significant.

Moreover, if the person’s death was caused by the City or a City employee such as a New York City police officer or White Plains bus driver - the time for starting a wrongful death action is short.

New York State law requires that a Notice of Claim be filed within 90 days for claims versus Municipalities in wrongful death actions. Although the 90 day law may be overcome, it cannot always be overcome. Accordingly, if a loved one or close family member has died as a result of an accident, please contact our New York wrongful death lawyers ASAP.

Our Manhattan, Stamford and Larchmont wrongful death lawyers will see to it that your case gets the attention it deserves and that immediate steps be commenced to protect your loved one. The consultation is free.